PHP 8.0 Installation in Arch Linux – Step-by-step

October 18, 2021 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.

GNU/Linux Arch Installing PHP 8.0 – QuickStart Guide

Hi! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Install PHP 8.0 in Arch GNU/Linux Desktop.

PHP 8 is a major Update of the PHP Language!

Moreover, the PHP 8 New Features includes:

  • Named Arguments
  • Union Types
  • attributes
  • Constructor Property Promotion
  • Match Expression
  • Nullsafe Operator
  • JIT

Finally, the PHP 8.0 PPA includes also All the most Useful Extensions for PHP usage.

How to Install PHP 8.0 on Arch Linux - Featured
  1. 1. Launching Terminal

    Open a Terminal window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands).

    How to Install PHP 8.0 on Arch Linux - Open Terminal Shell Emulator
    In case first see: Terminal QuickStart Guide.

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