How to Install MX Linux 21 Windows 11 Dual Boot Guide

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  1. 6. Installing MX OS

    So after Reboot, Start MX GNU/Linux Installation
    On Desktop Double-Click to Run MX Installer:

    Run installer

    Then on the “Term of Use” page, choose your Keyboard Layout:

    Keyboard layout

    Confirm for to “Customize the Disk Layout:

    Customize disk layout

    Now Run the GParted Partition Manager:

    Run GParted

    Next Select the Unlocated Space, Right-Click & New:

    Choose Unlocated Space

    Leave about 2Gb Free for the Swap, and you can safelly accept the Default ext4 Format Type:

    Making main volume

    Follow making a Swap Volume within the remaining Space:

    Making swap space

    Execute the Partition Setup:


    Set the main Volume Mount Point as “root” and the other as “linux-swap by the Drop-down Menu:

    Setting mount points

    And last, Confirm with “Yes“:


    So the Installation will Start up:


    On hang, you can just Confirm for the Grub Setup:

    Grub setup

    Set the “Computer Name“, for Hostname if uncertain use “localhost”:

    Computer name and host

    Again Set the Default and Root Admin Accounts with a Password:

    Setting up accounts

    Choose the needed Localization and in case again Configure Clock:

    Setting localization and configuring clock

    Finally, after a short wile the Installation is Successfully Achieved:


    After Reboot, Log In with your Credentials:

    Log In

    Enjoy your barelly New MX Linux Wildflower Desktop Experience:


    And Happy MX! ;)

  2. 7. MX Getting-Started Guide

    Getting-Started with MX GNU/Linux

    GNU/Linux MX Quick-Start Guide

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