LAMP PHP 8.x Installation in Fedora 34 – Step-by-step

November 26, 2021 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.

GNU/Linux Fedora 34 Installing LAMP PHP 8.x – QuickStart Guide

Hi! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Install LAMP with PHP 8.x in Fedora 34 GNU/Linux.

And to get the PHP 8.x Fedora Installation, you have to Manually Setup the Dnf Repository.

Especially relevant: the Guide include instructions about Setting up MariaDB as the Open Source implementation of the MySQL DB.

PHP 8 is a major Update of the PHP Language!

Moreover, the PHP 8 New Features includes:

  • Named Arguments
  • Union Types
  • attributes
  • Constructor Property Promotion
  • Match Expression
  • Nullsafe Operator
  • JIT

Again the PHP 8.1 Remi Repo includes also All the most Useful Extensions for PHP usage.

Finally, LAMP is de facto Web Development Standard. Today, the products that make up the LAMP stack are included by default in nearly all GNU/Linux distributions.

How to Install PHP 8.x on Fedora 34 - Featured
  1. 1. Launching Terminal

    Open a Terminal window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands).

    How to Install PHP 8.x on Fedora 34 - Open Terminal Shell Emulator
    Or access the Server Shell.

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