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Install PostgreSQL 9.x on Linux 32/64bit

The Linked Tutorials Show How-to Install and Getting-Started with Latest PostgreSQL 9.x Database for Linux Distributions.

The Latest PostgreSQL 9.x includes many features to make working with PostgreSQL easier, more flexible and more fun for application developers, administrators and architects.

Further, PostgreSQL User-Defined Background Workers allow developers to write task managers, request handlers, parallel processors, queuing tools and other helper applications to enable PostgreSQL as a workload coordinator.

One example of this already released is Mongres, a background worker which accepts MongoDB queries, interprets them and passes them on to PostgreSQL.

To the PostgreSQL Database Installation Fedora Linux Guide Bottom You find Link to Quick-Start with PostgreSQL on Fedora.

Install PostgreSQL 9.x on Linux 32/64bit - Featured

How-to Install PostgreSQL on Linux Distributions