How-to Install Nginx on OpenSUSE 32/64bit Linux Easy Visual Guides

Install Latest Nginx OpenSUSE 32/64bit

The Linked Guides Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest Nginx Web Server Stable/Development Release for OpenSUSE 13.X/12.X i686/x8664 Linux.

The Nginx Foundation have Predisposed the Repositories for Several Linux Distros and between them is Present also that for OpenSUSE.

To the Install Nginx OpenSUSE 13.X/12.X Bottom there is a Link to Guides for Installing Google-Chrome and Evernote for OpenSUSE.

Install Nginx OpenSUSE Wheezy-7/Squeeze-6 Linux - Featured

Getting-Started with Nginx on OpenSUSE Linux