How to Install Shotcut on Debian Gnu/Linux Distro

GNU/Linux Debian Installing Shotcut Guide

Hi! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Download and Install Shotcut in Debian GNU/Linux Desktop.

And Shotcut for Debian is a Free, Open Source, Cross-Platform Video Editor.

Finally, this Setup is valid for all the Debian-based Distros like:

  • Kali
  • MX Linux
  • Deepin
  • Parrot
  • antiX
  • SparkyLinux
  • Q4OS
  • Netrunner
  • Voyager
  • MakuluLinux
  • Elive
  • LMDE
  • Parsix
  • (You may just need to Discover what’s the Parent Release)
How to Install Shotcut on Debian - Featured

GNU/Linux Debian Shotcut Video Editor Installation Guide

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