How to Reduce Computer Eye Strain & Insomnia on GNU/Linux Distros

Preventing Eye Fatigue & Insomnia Using Linux

You are Welcome! The Linked Tutorials Show You Step-by-step How to Install f.lux GUI Applet and Reduce Eyes Strain and Insomnia Issues on Desktops with a GNU/Linux Distribution.

And f.lux for Linux is a Proprietary Computer Program that Adjusts a Display’s Color Temperature according to Location and Time of Day.

We know that Night-Time Exposure to Blue Light keeps People up Late. We believe that f.lux Adjusts Screens in a way that greatly Reduces the Stimulating effects of Blue Light at Night.

So the f.lux Program was Designed to Reduce Eye Strain during Night-time use and Disruption of Sleep Patterns.

How to Reduce Computer Eye Strain & Insomnia on Linux Distros - Featured

Suggestion: in case to Find it Easily Search with Cmd/Win+f or Ctrl+f and your Distro Name!

Preventing Eye Fatigue & Strain on Linux Desktops

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