How to Change the Default Homepage Address From Index.php to Another

June 15, 2011 | By Regaz.

This in case you want to change your default homepage address from index.php to homepage.php:
 You have several Alternatives:
a) On the Root of your Site Create or Edit .htaccess file Inserting:

DirectoryIndex homepage.php

If you are in a shared Hosting this will be the only Feasible alternative.
b) Open Apache httpd.conf and in the section Insert:

DirectoryIndex homepage.php

c) Set up mod_rewrite to redirect index.php to homepage.php
(If you are Working on Localhost After you will need to Restart the Apache Server

The DirectoryIndex Apache directive simply give an Ordered List of the Default Addresses, so if you want you can include Multiple Possibilities like for Example:
DirectoriIndex homepage.php homepage.html index.php index.html
Apache will try to Find the First, Existing one and after will Display that.

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