Hot to Setup a Mail Server for localhost on Mac

June 16th, 2011 by Regaz

In Mac OSX Leopard Postfix Mail Server should be already installed but just to check:

which postfix

Look it give you an output…

Next you need to apply some Settings:
1. Edit the MAILSERVER=-NO- line in /etc/hostconfig. Change it to read MAILSERVER=-YES-. Save and exit the file.
2. Open up /etc/postfix/, and edit these lines to reflect your setup. These are examples from my setup; yours might be different.

  • myhostname = localhost
  • myorigin = thesmtpserveriwanttogetareply
  • mydomain = smtpserverdomainextension
  • inet_interfaces = all
  • mydestination = localhost
  • mynetworks_style = subnet
  • mynetworks =,

Save your work, and exit the file.
3. Open up /etc/postfix/, and uncomment

#smtp inet n - n - - smtpd

Now your are Done and you can test directly from Terminal your new Mail Server:

mail client@hissmtpserver.domainextension
Subject: This is only a test
Here is the place for the message's body

The . followed by return mean the end of message!

Check this…

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Enjoy the magic ;)

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