How to Backup Blogger Blogspot and Send Copy Of Posts By Email

September 22, 2011 | By Regaz.

Here is clearly displayed the Easy Procedure than permit you to Backup your Blogger Blogspot Blog and to have your future Articles Sent directly by Mail to your Mailbox.

1)To Download all your Articles

Settings > Basic > Export Blog

Click on Download Blog button

2)Setup Blogger to Send you a Copy of Future Articles by Mail

Settings > Email & Mobile
Insert your Mail Address
Click on Save Settings Button
Next you will have a copy of your html message Sent to your Mailbox…

Now when you will look in your Mailbox you may be Deceived because of the fact that your Article has been sent “as is” in Raw HTML and if your Mail Client isn’t well Disposed to Display the HTML message’s content you will see a Messy message and nothing more. But you should be Aware of the fact than in that message is well contained all the HTML code you inserted in your Original Article. When you will need to Utilize that Backup the only problem will be of to Display the Raw HTML code contained…
Here Above on the Next Article you will Find how to Perform the Task on Mac Mail.

The Latest thing your have to be Aware is the Fact than Blogger Send you a Copy of Article only on your First, Click on “Publish Article”

Button, after if you provide to Re-Edit and Re-Publish your message you don’t will Receive any Adjournment :(
The Trick here when you will Edit any Existing message is Before to Save it as Draft and After Re-Publish it Forcing Blogger to Send you a Fresh and Adjourned Copy :)

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