Getting Started Amazon S3 Storage Cloud and Improve Performances Of Blog/Blogger

October 3, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

This Step by Step Guide should Quickly guide you to Approach Amazon S3 Storage Cloud.
The Guide has been written from the Blogspot Corner but it’s Ready to be Utilized for every User on Windows or Mac.
There is a Performances Benefit putting Media on the Cloud. The Images will be loaded much quicker and so will be also for Articles with Assets.
The Services of Storage on the Cloud are Cheap and for a Reasonable amount of Data Stored and Exchanged you don’t have to worry about the Bill.

In case you use Blogger here is a List of potential Advantages:

  • Easier and Straight Media Uploading

  • Simplified Backup and Restore

  • Possibility to Serve Downloadable Files

  • Possibility to Embed External Scripts

If you Store your Assets on the Cloud to Backup your Blogger Article will be really Enough to Send a Copy of Article to your Email Box
There are several possibilities to Store on the Clouds and between them the Cheapest, Fastest and Reliable ones are:

  • Amazon S3

  • Google Storage

If you want to read something about the Comparison between these two Services go Here
In this Article I will show you how to Proceed with Amazon S3 and perhaps in the future with Google Storage…
If you want an Introduction to AmazonAWS S3 Storage Service look Here
Here I will Serve you a Step-by-Step Guide to:

First you need to Signup for an Account
If you Already dispose of an Amazon AWS account you need to Find the following data:

  • Access Key ID

  • Secret Access Key

Here I will describe the Procedure to Connect and Upload Files by the Free Program CyberDuck.
It has a Nice and Functional GUI and Works Well Enough…
To Download the Latest Version:

If you want to See something more about CyberDuck go to:
When you have Installed the Software Come Back and Look here How to Start Connecting and Uploading
Run CyberDuck and to Login into your S3 Account follow:

Click on +

Select S3

Fill in Server
and UserName

Double Click on S3
You will be Prompted to Insert your Credentials:

Fill in Access Key ID
Insert Secret Access Key


Take a Look.

Bloogger Blogger, Google Blogger, Google Google

Apache Virtual Host

To Setup CyberDuck for Automatic Login into your S3 Account on Start:

Check Open Browser…
Select S3 from DropDown
Before to Upload your Files you will need to Create a Bucket.
The Bucket is the equivalent of a Folder on the S3 Server.
Amazon S3 Use a Global Namespace so to Create the Bucket you will have to divine a Unused Name.
If the name you want to Assign is already Taken you will be Prompted to Give it a New One. Will be enough to add some Digits at the End…
So like domain’s names you will need to devine a name isn’t already assigned.
To Create a Bucket on Cyberduck:

File -> New Folder
Give it a Unique Name :)
Now you can provide to Uploading your Files with CyberDuck directly Dragging and Dropping them into the Bucket

To Display the files on Pages you need to have Set the Right Permissions
To Check the ACL Permissions on your Files or Buckets:

Right Click on File or Bucket
Select Info
Set Everyone to READ


Bloogger Blogger, Google Blogger, Google Google

Apache Virtual Host

To Prevent Hotlinking on your S3 Files look this other Article
Now you can provide to Uploading your Files with CyberDuck directly Dragging and Dropping them into the Bucket

After you have Provided to Make all this Setup you will find the Way Easier on Blogger because you will can Bypass the Default Uploading Media procedure.
Now will be enough to Put Media directly inside your S3 Bucket and after insert the Right Link to it.
The Most Interesting thing you have still to Grasp here is the Form of Link to Display Media on pages:

Example on Tag:

Latest, after you will have Articleed some Media Content residing on S3 try to Verify how Faster Articles with Images are Loaded… ;)

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