Photoshop Quick Mask Mode Tutorial

October 3rd, 2011 by Regaz

This Article give a Little Tutorial on How to Make a Selection Using the “Quick Mask” Technique on Photoshop CS5.
This Technique is mostly Suited when you have a not Homogeneous Background and a Multicolor Selection Area or a Selection with Fading Borders.

Here is a List of Operations while Beneath you will Find a Strip of Pictures partially Linked to this List.

  1. Window > Tool
  2.  Double Click on the QuickMask Icon, the Latest on the Bottom of the Toolbar
  3. Select “Selected Areas” and Leave others to Default
  4. Select the Brush Tool 
  5. Set Brush to “Hard Round” and to Medium-Large Size
  6. Decrease Brush Size with “[“, Increase with “]”
  7. Press “Q” to Start the “QuickMask” mode
  8. Start with a Large Brush and Select the Main Area
  9. Press “Q” to Leave the “QuickMask” and view the Selected Area
  10. Press “Q” to Enter in the “QuickMask” mode
  11. Decrease your Brush Size and follow to Refine your Selection
  12. Press “x” to Switch between Select(Paint) and Deselect(Erase)
  13. To Refine your Selection Decrease Brush Size and Set Brush Hardness to 0%
  14. Use Continuously “Q” to Switch between “QuickMask” and “Selection” to Check Selection
  15. Use “x” each time you need to Cancel some Extra Selected Pixels
  16. After your Achieved your Work Cmd+J or Ctrl+J to Tranfer
    your Selection in a New Layer 

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