Joomla Warning! Failed to Move File JFolder::create: Could Not Create Directory Unable to Create Destination

October 4, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

This Error happen during Installation and is due to an Incorrect Joomla’s Owner or Permissions Settings.
To Set your Joomla’s Permissions look Here.
To Correct Joomla’s Ownership you have Three Choices:

  1. Set the Entire Joomla Domain to “World” Writable, Install and Reset Correct Permissions

  2. Set the Joomla’s Owner like the Apache One. Example:

    sudo chown -R www:www path/To/Your/Joomla

  3. The Only Universal Solution is:

I shown the three Possibilities because can happen than for Some Reasons Joomla’s and Apache’s Owners Can’t be the Same…
But Only the Latest one Execute a Definitive Role.

Joomla How to Enable Articles Custom Order:

Joomla Articles Custom Order

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