Git How to Remove Tracked Files From Repository

January 27, 2012 | By Regaz.

The Article shows you How to Remove One or More Tracked files from your git Repository by Resetting the Cached Index.


You can remove a single file with the Command:

git update-index --assume-unchanged 

But if you need to Un-track Multiples Files it’s best the Remove the Entire Index with:

git rm -r --cached .

After you can Insert the files you don’t want git follow to Track inside the .gitignore file.
Next you need to Rebuild your git Index by the Usual git Command:

git add .

You Reset your Head with:

git reset HEAD

Latest you have to Commit your new Repo Version:

git commit -m "Removed files in .gitignore from the Index"

Now your Repository do Not will Track those files again…)

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