How to Generate SSH Keys By Command Line on Linux/Unix

January 31, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

The Easy Guide shows you How to Generate an SSH Keys Pair on a Linux/Unix System from Command Line.

To the Generate SSH Keys Pair on Linux/Unix Guide Bottom you fine Link to Enabling SSH Access Remote Access without Password.

Generate an SSH Keys Pair on Linux/Unix - Featured

To Generate the SSH Keys for your Username/Host:

cd ~
ssh-keygen -t dsa

You will be Asked for a PassPhrase that’s Good Only to Set an Alternate SSH Log-In Password…

To SetUp a Remote Automatic Log-In without Pass simply do Not Give a PassPhrase!

The Command will Generate a .ssh Directory containing your Keys:

  • id_dsa

The Publick Key can be uset to Set Up a Remote Login without Password to a Remote Server.

How to Enable SSH Access without Pass on Remote Server:

Add SSH Key to Authorized List

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