Blogger/Blogspot How to Recover A Deleted Comment

February 21, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

This Post Show How to Recover a Carelessly Deleted Blogger Comment.

If you deleted a Comment for Mistake and you Keep a copy of the eMail Notice you can provide to perfectly Recover the Comment getting the Data Embedded inside the Message.

Blogger On Fire
  1. Logout from Google/Blogger

  2. Right Click on the Commenter Name and Select “Copy Link”

  3. On the eMail Notice Click on the Link to your Comment.

  4. From the Drop-Down Menu under Comments Select “Name/URL”.

  5. Paste In Browser the URL of your Commenter.

  6. Select and Copy the Comment Content from eMail.

  7. Insert the Comment Content your Copied from eMail

  8. Submit

After your Comment should be Perfectly Restored :)

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