RVM Is Not A Function Selecting Rubies Not Work Unix-Linux-Mac

April 5, 2012 | By Regaz.

This Kind of Mis-Behavior frequently Derive from Using with rvman Unproper Shell Type.
Unfortunately the RVM Documentation Is Not Very Efficace in Addressing and Resolving this Issue…
This a General Troubleshooting that will Not Works Every Time, but will Simply Works in Some Cases…
So it’s Worth to Give it a Try :)

  1. Change the Shell to bash with:

  2. On a Single User Installation Execute the Enabling Command:

    source /home/USERNAME/.rvm/scripts/rvm

    (For Multi-User Install you will Find an Help Section Below…)

After the rvm Environment Should be Setup for Working Properly on a Bash Shell

Then If you Need Further Help look:

RVM Not Fuction Troubleshooting

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