PostgreSQL 9 Admin Guide Ubuntu Linux

June 1, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

PostgreSQL 9 Admin Guide Ubuntu

Hi! This Article Resume the Start-Up Procedure Following the Installation for Getting-Started with PostgreSQL 9 Administration on Ubuntu Linux.

And this Ubuntu PostgreSQL 9 Admin Guide let you make the First, Steps Easily with PostgreSQL 9 Database.

Moreover, the Procedure Described is Expressly Resumed in Few Words to Give Focus to the Essential Commands Needed to the Initial SetUp.

Finally, the post include also information on Installing PostgreSQL 9 on Ubuntu and PostgreSQL 9 Online Docs.

PostgreSQL Admin Guide Ubuntu - Featured
  1. How to Install PostgreSQL 9 Server on Ubuntu:

    PostgreSQL on Ubuntu
  2. Set the postgres User Password

    sudo passwd postgres

    Give a Password to the postgres User Account.
    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

  3. Login as the postgres User.

    su postgres
  4. Create a PostgreSQL test Database.

    createdb test

    If your Database is Not Already Started or the psql Command do Not Works look the Troubleshooting Here Below.

    How to StartUp the PostgreSQL 9 Server:

  5. Access PostgreSQL Database CLI
    First, Set the postgres Database’s Password:

    psql template1
    template1# password postgres

    And Exit with:


    Then to Access test Database:

    psql test
  6. Then to Create a Table.

    CREATE TABLE account(/nuser_id serial PRIMARY KEY,/nusername VARCHAR (50) UNIQUE NOT NULL 
  7. Next to List Tables.

  8. Again Listing Databases.


    ‘q’ to Quit.

  9. For More See PostgreSQL 9 Online Documentation

    PostgreSQL 9 SQL Guide
  10. Finally, to Delete test Database.

    dropdb test
  11. For GUI Administration Install PgAdmin 3:

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