Ubuntu PgAdmin 3 Quick Start Guide

June 1st, 2012 by Regaz

PgAdmin 3 Ubuntu Quick Start Guide

You are Welcome! This Article Shows You How-to Make Initial Setup on PgAdmin 3 to Enable Connection to the PostgreSQL Database.

And included in this guide you find instructions on How to Make First Steps in Postgres Admin on Ubuntu.

Finally the post explain How-to Create a PostgreSQL Database by the PgAdmin Admin GUI Tool.

PostgreSQL on Ubuntu
  1. PostgreSQL Admin First Steps Guide

    PostgreSQL Initial Setup
  2. Then Install PgAdmin 3 GUI

    sudo apt-get install pgadmin3
  3. And Launch PgAdmin 3

  4. Click on “Add a Connection to a Server”

    PgAdmin 3 Add a Connection to a Server

  5. Set-Up the Connection Like in the Example Here Below

    On Localhost the Host=

    PgAdmin 3 Set-Up Connection to a Server

    If you Followed Exactly All Steps you Should be Able to Connect to the PostgreSQL Server!
  6. How Create Database with PgAdmin 3 Guide

    PgAdmin 3 DB Creation

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