Linux Debian Lxde Howto Switch/Change Keyboard Layout

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This Article Clearly Indicate How to Switch the Keyboard Layout on Debian Linux Lxde Desktop.

Inside you Find the List of All Disposables Keyboard Layouts and of File Containing Any other Possible Setting.

And this Visual Guide includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The Content give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands to make it Easier to Follow.

How to Create Application Launcher on Lxde Desktop Main Menu

  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Debian Lxde Open Root Terminal

  2. Execute

    setxkbmap ""

    See Below for How to Permanently Setting the Keyboard Layout.

    On Article Bottom for Complete List of Layouts Symbols.

    File with potential Settings: /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/base.lst.

  3. To Permanently Set/Change the Keyboard Layout.

    Linux Start-Up Set-Up
  4. Layouts Symbols List

    us English (US)
    ad Catalan
    af Afghani
    ara Arabic
    al Albanian
    am Armenian
    at German (Austria)
    az Azerbaijani
    by Belarusian
    be Belgian
    bd Bengali
    in Indian
    ba Bosnian
    br Portuguese (Brazil)
    bg Bulgarian
    ma Arabic (Morocco)
    cm English (Cameroon)
    mm Burmese
    ca French (Canada)
    cd French (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
    cn Chinese
    hr Croatian
    cz Czech
    dk Danish
    nl Dutch
    bt Dzongkha
    ee Estonian
    ir Persian
    iq Iraqi
    fo Faroese
    fi Finnish
    fr French
    gh English (Ghana)
    gn French (Guinea)
    ge Georgian
    de German
    gr Greek
    hu Hungarian
    is Icelandic
    il Hebrew
    it Italian
    jp Japanese
    kg Kyrgyz
    kh Khmer (Cambodia)
    kz Kazakh
    la Lao
    latam Spanish (Latin American)
    lt Lithuanian
    lv Latvian
    mao Maori
    me Montenegrin
    mk Macedonian
    mt Maltese
    mn Mongolian
    no Norwegian
    pl Polish
    pt Portuguese
    ro Romanian
    ru Russian
    rs Serbian (Cyrillic)
    si Slovenian
    sk Slovak
    es Spanish
    se Swedish
    ch German (Switzerland)
    sy Arabic (Syria)
    tj Tajik
    lk Sinhala (phonetic)
    th Thai
    tr Turkish
    tw Taiwanese
    ua Ukrainian
    gb English (UK)
    uz Uzbek
    vn Vietnamese
    kr Korean
    nec_vndr/jp Japanese (PC-98xx Series)
    ie Irish
    pk Urdu (Pakistan)
    mv Dhivehi
    za English (South Africa)
    epo Esperanto
    np Nepali
    ng English (Nigeria)
    et Amharic
    sn Wolof
    brai Braille
    tm Turkmen
    ml Bambara
    tz Swahili (Tanzania)
    ke Swahili (Kenya)
    bw Tswana
    ph Filipino

    How to Create an Application Launcher on Debian Lxde:

    Debian Linux Lxde Tutorials

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