Windows 8 How to Enable and Start IIS8 Manager Visual Tip

February 6, 2013 | By Regaz.

The Tip Show Visually How Enableing and Starting the Internet Information Services IIS 8 Manager on Windows 8 Desktop.

To Make the whole Process Easier to Reproduce the Posts Includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The Tutorial is Practical so it Contains Just Only the Essentials Installation Instructions and Commands.

Win8 IIS8 Manager
  1. Open Control Panel

    • Switch to Start View

      Just Pressing “Cmd” Key.

    • Search for Control Panel

      Just Typing “control panel”.

      Win8 Control Panel
  2. Open Turn Windows Features On or Off.

    Top-Right on Search-Box Type “turn win”.

    Windows 8 Turn Windows Features On-Off

  3. IIS >> Web Management Tools >> IIS Management Console.

    Windows 8 Enabling IIS8 Manager

  4. Starting IIS8 Manager

    • Switch to Start View

      Just Pressing “Cmd” Key.

    • Search for IIS

      Just Typing “iis”.

      Win8 Starting IIS8 Manager
  5. Windows 8 How to Enable IIS 8 with CGI Support for PHP 5.

    Win8 IIS8 Enabling CGI Support for PHP5

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