How to Install Manually a Jar Eclipse Plugin on Linux/Unix Easy Tip

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Install Manually Eclipse Plugin from Jar

The Tip Show How to Install Manually an Eclipse Plugin from the Jar File on Linux/Unix.

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) that contains a base Workspace and an extensible Plug-in System for customizing the Environment.

Inside the Guide You find Links to Installation Guides for Latest Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA on Linux.

Step-by-step – Eclipse Java Lubuntu 22.04 Installation

    Getting-Started with Eclipse Plugins Development

    Quick-Start with Eclipse Plugins
  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands).

  2. How to Install Eclipse on GNU/Linux Distributions

    Install Eclipse for Linux
  3. Make the Needed Directory.

    sudo su -c "/[path/2/eclipse]/dropins/plugins"


    su -c "/[path/2/eclipse]/dropins/plugins"
  4. How to Install IntelliJ IDEA for Java & Scala on Linux

    Installing IntelliJ on Linux
  5. Replace the Eclipse Plugin Jar File.

    sudo su -c "mv /[path/2]/myPlugin.jar /[path/2/eclipse]/dropins/plugins"


    su -c "mv /[path/2]/myPlugin.jar /[path/2/eclipse]/dropins/plugins"
  6. Restart Eclipse!.

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