How-to Install MonoDevelop Xamarin Studio on Mac 10.9 Mavericks OS X Easy Guide

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Getting-Started with Xamarin Studio on Mac OS X

The Guide Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Install and Getting-Started with MonoDevelop Xamarin Studio Free Edition Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.

The Xamarin Studio Platform facilitate the Mobile Apps Development for Android and iOS in C#.

The MonoDevelop IDE Installation Mac OS X Require Two components SetUp: Mono GTK Framework and Xamarin Studio.

MonoDevelop Key Features:

  • C#
  • Visual Basic
  • Java (IKVM)
  • C/C++
  • iPhone Project
  • ASP.NET Project
  • ASP.NET MVC Project
  • Translation Project
  • Moonlight Project
  • GTK# designer
  • Generation of Makefiles
  • Generation of Tarballs
  • Makefile Synchronization
  • Database Explorer
  • NUnit add-in
  • Subversion add-in
  • Help Browser (Monodoc)
  • Debugging (managed)
  • ASP.NET Debugging
Install MonoDevelop on Mac Mavericks 10.9 - Featured
  1. Download Mono GTK Framework for Mac OS X:

    Mono GTK .pkg Installer
  2. Double-Click on Mono GTK Package

  3. Follow Mono GTK Installation Workflow
    Install MonoDevelop on Mac Mavericks 10.9 - Mono GTK Pkg Installation
  4. Download Xamarin Studio for Mac OS X:

    Xamarin Studio .dmg Installer
  5. Double-Click on Xamarin Studio Archive

  6. Drag & Drop Xamarin Studio into Applications

    Install MonoDevelop on Mac Mavericks 10.9 - Xamarin Studio Installation

  7. Getting-Started with Cross-Platform Apps Developmen on Mac Mavericks:

    Appcelerator Titanium Studio for Mac

    Install MonoDevelop on Mac Mavericks 10.9 - MonoDevelop Xamarin Studio GUI

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