How to Getting-Started with Google Drive on Debian 8 Jessie Linux Easy Guide

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Install Google Drive Client for Debian Linux

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Getting-Started with Google Drive Docs Sync Client on Debian 8 Jessie GNU/Linux 32/64-bit GNOME/Xfce/Lxde/Mate/Cinnamon/KDE Desktop.

Google Drive Features:

  • Powerful Search: Recognizing Objects in Images and Text in Scanned Docs!
  • View Anything: View Over 31 File Types right in Your Browser.
  • Work Offline: You can turn on Google Drive Offline to Create and Edit.
  • Chat, Discuss & Mentions: Add a “+” in front of an email address in a comment and Drive will send them an email so they know to follow up.
  • Go back in time with Revision History: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides automatically save and track every change you make, forever.
Install Google Drive Client for Debian Linux - Featured
  1. Open a Shell Terminal emulator window
    Start Typing ‘term’ on Desktop.
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Install Google Drive Client for Debian Linux - Open Terminal
  2. How to Install Google Drive Client for Debian

    Google Drive OcamlFuse Installation
  3. Authenticate google-drive-ocamlfuse with your Google account
    By simply running:


    And then following the Instructions on Browser:
     - Google Auth 1
     - Google Auth 2

  4. Create a New Directory
    Where you want the Google Drive to be mounted:

    mkdir ~/gdrive

    This create a new gdrive directory in your home directory.

  5. Check if Tool is in the Path

    which google-drive-ocamlfuse

    If not then:

    echo "export PATH=/home/[MYUSER]/.opam/system/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

    Then to refresh the Path:

  6. Mount Google Drive

    google-drive-ocamlfuse ~/gdrive
  7. On Non GNOME Desktops Install Nautilus

    sudo apt install nautilus
  8. Then You can Access Stuff also from the Nautilus File Manager

     - Nautilus Google Drive
  9. To Mount Google Drive on System StartUp

    echo "/home/[MYUSER]/.opam/system/bin/google-drive-ocamlfuse 
    ~/gdrive" > ~/.bash_profile

    It will Append the Command into the .bash_profile File…

  10. How to Install Google-Chrome Browser on Debian: SetUp Chrome on Debian.

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