How to Install WordPress Desktop App Linux Mint

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WordPress Desktop App Linux Mint

The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How-to Install WordPress Desktop App Linux Mint 64-bit GNU/Linux.

And this is the Official WordPress Client for Linux Mint.

Most noteworthy is how with this App you can Connect either a Blog or also a Self-Hosted one.

Especially relevant: to Connect a Self-Hosted Web Site you need to Make Use of the JetPack Plugin.

So moreover included inside this post you’ll also find instructions on How to Make the Initial Setup and Add a Self-Hosted Blog.

Finally, the Guide is Pragmatic and Easy so expecially suitable for Linux Beginners.

How to Install WordPress Desktop App Linux Mint - Featured
  1. 1. Downloading WordPress Client for Linux Mint

    Download WordPress Desktop App for Linux Mint

    Get WordPress Desktop App Linux Mint

    If possible on Firefox Prompt Select directly “Open with GDebi Package Installer”!
    But in KDE you may have to choose instead of the QApt Package Installer.

     - Firefox Prompt

    If not auto opened then Double-Click on it in the File Manager or Click on the Chrome Page’s Bottom.
    But instead if you prefer the Command Line See Instructions Below.

  2. 2. Installing WordPress Desktop Client on Linux Mint

    Next follow with Mint WordPress Desktop App Installation
    Click on “Install”:

     - Start Installation

    Then Authenticate with your Admin Password to Start the Installation process.
    In Few Time the Software should be Successfully Installed!
    But Instad if you preefer the Shell do like:

    sudo gdebi ~/Downloads/MYPACKAGE.deb
  3. 3. Launching WordPress Desktop Client on Mint Desktop

    Finally Launch & Enjoy WordPress Desktop App in Mint
    Open the Menu in the Bottom Left Corner like here below.

     - Mint Menu

    And Search using the “wordpress” Keyword.

  4. 4. WordPress Desktop App Getting-Started Guide

    How-to Getting-Started with WordPress App on Linux Mint

    WordPress Desktop Client Initial Setup
  5. How to Install WordPress Desktop App Linux Mint - WordPress Desktop App

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