Linux WordPress Desktop Client Getting-Started Guide

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Linux WordPress Desktop App Getting-Started

The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Getting-Started with WordPress Desktop Client on GNU/Linux Distributions.

Most noteworthy is how with this App you can Connect either a Blog or also a Self-Hosted one.

Especially relevant: to Connect a Self-Hosted Web Site you need to Make Use of the JetPack Plugin.

Linux WordPress Desktop Client Getting-Started Guide - Featured
  1. 1. Linux WordPress Desktop Client Installation Guide

    How to Install WordPress Desktop App on GNU/Linux

    WordPress Desktop Client Install Linux
  2. 2. Login or Create Account

    So Then Access Wordrpess App

     - Login
  3. 3. Choosing Your Plan

    Next Select Plan that Fit Your Esigences

     - Choosing Plan

    In any Case there is also a Free Plan…

  4. 4. Creating Account

    When Needed Make a New Account

     - Create Account
  5. 5. Accessing My Sites

    Finally, Start to Setup a New Blog

     - My Sites

    For a Self Hosted one follow instructions Here Below.

  6. 6. Adding Self Hosted WordPress Site

    WordPress Self Hosted Blog Setup

    Instructions to Add Self Hosted Site

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