Partitioning Slackware GNU/Linux Guide

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Slackware Partitioning Guide

Hi! The Tutorial Presents You a Step-by-step GNU/Linux Slackware Partitioning Guide.

So to Partition Hard Drive with Slackware we’ll make use of the cfdisk CLI Tool.

And cfdisk is the Alternative to fdisk but more with a simple UI where it’s Easier to Check Setup before writing to disk.

Finally, here I’ll display you simply How to Make a Root and Swap Partition. But in case, you can Customize freely the Setup.

Slackware Partitioning Guide - Featured
  1. 1. Running Partitioning Tool

    First, Run cfdisk Program simply with:

  2. 2. Setting Partition Table Type

    And Set the Label as ‘dos

    How to Install Slackware Current Dual Boot Windows 10 - Partition Table Type

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