CentOS CouchDB Getting Started Guide

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CentOS CouchDB Quickstart Guide

The Guide Shows You Step-by-Step How to Getting-Started with the Latest Apache CouchDB NoSQL Database on CentOS GNU/Linux.

And CouchDB for CentOS make use of the Couch Replication Protocol implemented in a variety of Projects and Products that span every Imaginable Computing Environment from globally distributed Server-Clusters, over Mobile Phones to Web Browsers.

Finally, the Guide includes detailed instructions on How to Install CouchDB in CentOS.

Gnome Penguin CouchDB
  1. How to Install CouchDB on CentOS

    CentOS CouchDB Installation
  2. Starting CouchDB Server
    sudo su -c "couchdb -b"
  3. Test Connection to CouchDB
  4. Get CouchDB Databases List
    curl -X GET http://localhost:5984/_all_dbs
  5. Create a CouchDB Database
    curl -X PUT http://localhost:5984/test-db
  6. Show Up New Database Info
    curl -X GET http://localhost:5984/test-db
  7. Inserting a Document in Database
    curl -X POST -H "Content-Type:application/json" -d '{"type":
    "customer", "name":"Tim Juravich", "location":"Seattle, WA"}'
  8. Retriving a Document from Database
    curl -X GET http://localhost:5984/test-db/41198fc6e20d867525a8faeb
    7a000015 | python -mjson.tool
  9. Getting-Started with Fauxton CouchDB Admin Console

    Futon Admin Tutorial

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