How to Add CouchDB Yum Repository

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Add Yum CouchDB Repo

You Are Welcome! This Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Add CouchDB Yum GNU/Linux Repository.

And CouchDB for RedHat Linux use the Couch Replication Protocol implemented in a variety of Projects and Products that span every Imaginable Computing Environment from globally distributed Server-Clusters, over Mobile Phones to Web Browsers.

Finally, this CouchDB Yum Repo is Valid for All the RedHat Linux Based Distros like:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Scientific Linux
How to Add CouchDB Yum Repository - Featured
  1. 1. Terminal Quick Start

    How-to Quick Start with Command Line on Linux

    Linux Console Quick Start
  2. 2. Adding Repository

    Finally, to Add CouchDB Dnf Repository

    sudo nano /etc/yum.repos.d/bintray-apache-couchdb-rpm.repo

    And Paste in:


    For RedHat Linux 6 Based Replace ‘el7’ with ‘el6’!
    Again on RedHat Linux 8 based at this Time Try with this same setup it May works…
    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano Editor ;)

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