How to Boot MX Linux with Systemd Visual Guide

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GNU/Linux MX Enabling Systemd Guide

Hi! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Boot with Systemd Enabled on MX GNU/Linux Desktop.

And to Boot MX Linux with Systemd Services enabled you have simply to edit the Grub Configuration File by the Boot Options Tool.

How to Boot MX Linux with Systemd Visual Guide
  1. 1. Launching Boot Options Tool

    So first, Launch the Boot Options Applet
    Search it into the Menu:

     - Boot Options
    Authenticate with your User Admin Password.
  2. 2. Enabling Systemd

    Then Edit Boot Command

     - Systemd Setup
    quiet splash init=/lib/systemd/systemd
    And Reboot your amazing MX Linux System into Systemd!
    sudo reboot
  3. 3. Booting Systemd

    Possibly, on Grub Splash
    Choose “Advanced Options“:

     - Advanced Options
    And then the “systemd” Entry:
     - systemd

    Finally, if needed to Set up it as the Default Behavior see:
    How to Set up systemd as Default on MX Linux with Grub Customizer

    Enabling systemd by Default on MX Linux

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