How to Boot Linux in Windows 11 PCs

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Windows 11 Booting GNU/Linux – Quick-Start Guide

Hi! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Boot GNU/Linux OS from CD/USB Drive in a Windows 11 Computer.

And to Boot Linux on Windows 11 PCs is Easy following the below Visual Instructions.

How to Boot Linux in Windows 11 PCs
  1. 1. Burning Linux ISO

    How to Burn ISO to CD/USB

    Guide to Linux ISO CD/USB Burning
  2. 2. Booting in Recovery Mode

    First, Access the Advanced Startup
    Start the Search App::

     - Search
    Search for “recovery” and Choose “Recovery Options“:
     - Recovery Options
    And then on the “Advanced startup” Section Select “Restart Now“:
     - System Recovery Restart Now
    Again Confirm it:
     - Confirm
  3. 3. Loading OS

    Next to Boot from CD/USB Media
    After Reboot Select “Use a device“:

     - Use a device
    And Next the needed USB/CD Drive:
     - Choose device
  4. Finally, your System should be able to Startup with the Linux GNU/Linux ISO Media! :)

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