How to Get Started With Gnu/Linux Mint 19 Easily

GNU/Linux Mint 19 QuickStart Tutorial

Hi! The Tutorial for Beginners shows you Step-by-step How to Get Started with Mint 19.x Tara/Tessa/Tina/Tricia GNU/Linux Cinnamon/Mate/Xfce Desktops.

And this Tutorial shows you All the Steps to Getting Started with Mint GNU/Linux Easily!

So in detail: How to Download, Burn, Try, Install Mint OS, Install some Mint Best Software and to Quick Start with Command Line.

Moreover, the linked contents are all Visual & Step-by-step and pilot you to Jump Starting with Mint GNU/Linux Fantastic Platform.

Finally, Now Relax and Take it Easy and Good Trip with Mint!

How to Get Started with GNU/Linux Mint 19 Easily - Featured

Here are resumed the Linux Mint First, Steps covered by this Guide:

How to Get & Burn Linux Mint 19.x Live OS

How to Try Linux Mint 19.x Live OS

How to Install Linux Mint OS on a Windows Computer

Installing Mint 19.x on Top of Windows 7/8/10

Command Line Getting Started Guide

Linux Mint Terminal Tutorial for Beginners

So with this I’have presented to you How to Make the First, Steps on Mint 19.x GNU/Linux.

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