Installing AppImageLauncher on Mint Gnu/Linux Distro

GNU/Linux Mint Installing AppImageLauncher Guide

You Are Welcome! The Tutorial shows you Step-by-Step How to Download and Install AppImageLauncher in Mint GNU/Linux.

And AppImageLauncher for Linux Mint makes your Linux Desktop AppImage Ready. By installing it, you won’t ever have to worry about AppImages again.

You can always Double-Click them without making them Executable first, just like you should be able to do nowadays.

Moreover, you can Integrate AppImages with a Single Mouse Click, and then Manage them from your Apps Menu.

Especially relevant: to Run AppImages Securely, it’s strongly recommended also to follow with the Firejail Setup.

However at the same time it Plays well with other Apps that can be used to Manage AppImages, for example App Stores.

Finally, Updating and Removing AppImages becomes as Easy as never before.

Step-by-step AppImageLauncher Linux Mint Installation Guide - Featured

GNU/Linux Mint AppimageLauncher Installation Guide

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