How to Download Cordova Platforms APIs

January 24, 2014 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist.

Get Cordova Platforms APIs

The Guide Presents a Series of Links to Download Apache Cordova Mobile Platforms APIs Distributions.

Apache Cordova is an Open-Source Mobile Development Framework that allows you to use Standard Web Technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for Cross-Platform Development, avoiding each Mobile Platforms Native Development Language.

Applications execute within wrappers targeted to each platform, and rely on standards-compliant API bindings to access each device’s sensors, data, and network status.

The Cordova Supported Platforms Includes:

  • Android
  • Bada
  • Blackberry
  • FirefoxOS
  • iOS
  • Mac OS X
  • QT
  • Tizen
  • Ubuntu
  • WebOS
  • Windows (desktop)
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Phone 8
Download Apache Cordova Platforms API's

Downloading Apache Cordova Platforms

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