Awesome Desktop Getting Started Guide

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GNU/Linux Awesome Window Manager Get Started Guide

Hi! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-step How to Get Started with the Awesome Desktop on GNU/Linux Systems.

And with the Insight contained in this Guide you’ll be able to Quick-Start Easily with Awesome Desktop.

Because the Awesome Desktop Documentation have choosen to use a little beat Kriptic Dictionary of Terms.

Especially relevant, if you have already see the Official Awesome Documentation then here is a little Translation of Terms that can confuse you on first entry:

  • Mod4 = Cmd/Win
  • Tag = Desktop
  • Client = Window
  • Button1 = Usually the Left-Click
  • Button3 = Usually the Right-Click

Finally, I want to Congratulate sincerly with the Awesome Desktop Creator for his GNU/Linux Window Manager Masterpiece.

Awesome Desktop Getting Started Guide
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  1. 1. Quick Start

    How to Quick-Start with Awesome on GNU/Linux

    Installing Awesome on Linux

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