How to Install AUR Package on Arch GNU/Linux

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AUR Package Manager for Arch Installation Guide

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Install the Arch User Repository Packages in Arch GNU/Linux.

And the AUR Helpers and Pacman Wrappers for Arch make it Easy to Search and Install Software from the AUR Repo that contains more than 44000 Packages.

Especially relevant: you dispose at least of 3 great Tools for Managing AUR Packages on Arch
(I’ve taken into account here only the regularly Mantained ones):

  • Yay
  • Pikaur
  • Trizen

So now, What to Choose?! Each one have its peculiar Characterists and Features but Every one Do a Nice Job!

How to Install AUR Package on Arch GNU/Linux - Featured

Arch Linux Install AUR Package Tools

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